Why get your

vehicle inspected ?
1. Because you will be contributing to the general improvement of road safety in Uganda.
Road accidents are a global challenge. Beside the human and other factors, the technical condition of the vehicle is one of the causes accidents.
The main purpose of all regulations in force, related to vehicle inspection, is the increase of road safety for all road users.
By testing your vehicle, you are not just fulfilling a legal requirement; you are also getting informed if your vehicle has any problem and if it needs to be repaired, helping you to avoid accidents.
2. Because you will be contributing to the general reduction of transport related emissions.
The environmental impact of transport is significant because it is a major user of energy, and burns most of the world's petroleum. This creates air pollution, including nitrous oxides and particulates, and is a significant contributor to global warming through emission of carbon dioxide.
3. Because you will be complying with the law.
To comply with the traffic and  road safety (Motor Vehicle inspection) regulation 2016 and the standards set by the Ugandan Ministry of works and transport in the “Manual of Vehicle  Inspection”, as well as other recognized international road-safety standards, all vehicles must undergo an official roadworthy test in intervals set by the law.
The inspection will determine the technical condition of your vehicle at the moment of the test and will compare those results with the legal standards in force. If your vehicle complies with those standards, you will receive the “Certificate of the Vehicle Inspection”.
If your vehicle fails the test…
If your vehicle fails, you must have the defect repaired and bring your vehicle back to an accredited SGS Automotive Uganda limited Test Centre for re-testing.
Once your vehicle is compliant, you can bring it back for a re-test within 30 days. If this re-test is successful, the results will be properly recorded and you’ll have fulfilled the legal requirement.
Based on the same legal frame work, you will be penalized if you drive a vehicle that does not have a valid Vehicle Inspection Certificate, issued from the service operator SGS Automotive Uganda Limited.
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